Ronald A. Shapo, P.A.
22 S. Links Ave., Ste 300, Sarasota, FL. 34236

SUMMARY: As a real estate/land use counsel to owners, developers and lenders: he has effected acquisitions, sales and loans, ranging from single family, condominium and apartment projects to office parks, hotels, golf communities and unimproved industrial tracts.
  • Representative Projects:
  • 2000 acre, 6700 unit, mixed use resort (Tampa Bay area).
  • Project loans for residential developments (Statewide).
  • Representation for all aspects of the acquisition and development of a 2000 acre residential resort/golf and marina project (Corpus Christi, Texas).
  • Acquisition of a City’s primary mixed use, waterfront redevelopment (Boynton Beach).
  • Successfully closing a $30 million construction loan for a 395-unit development on top of a 6-story shell abandoned for 8 years, involv¬ing a land-swap, numerous complex title problems, and 14 law firms. (Brickell Key).
  • Closed purchase of vital commercial tract for Island operations (Fisher Island).
  • Issuance of hundreds of millions of dollars in title insurance.
  • Simultaneously closing a 400-acre Central Florida purchase involving seven separate parcels, tax-free exchanges, and options (Osceola).
  • Acquisition of major residential and golf course development (Orlando).
SUMMARY: As a construction attorney: counsel on local and international projects, ranging from $100,000 to Seven Hundred Million ($700,000,000) Dollars, including residential and commercial, power plants, schools, race tracks, and water/sewer; as well as the prosecution and defense of numerous construction claims.
  • Representative Projects:
  • Representation of general contractors in a myriad of contract and construction defect matters.
  • Successful negotiation of over $100 Million Dollars in Airport expansion projects.
  • Representation of multi-national construction company in complex $90 Million Dollar project securitization in the Dominican Republic.
  • Contractor/Developer representation for $700 Million Dollar Resource Recovery Facility Contractor representation for infrastructure development of major residential projects.
  • Providing project and dispute representation for numerous local and international construction firms.
  • Counsel to the major benefactor providing construction of a $150 Million Dollar performing arts center (Miami Beach).
SUMMARY: As a trial lawyer, he has successfully pursued and defended a wide range of substantial cases, has handled cases of first impression and made "new law."
  • Representative Cases:
  • Obtained a multimillion dollar class action settlement in a federal securities fraud case.
  • Secured a multimillion dollar judgment in a landlord/tenant dispute involving the sale and resale of a major bank headquarters.
  • Accomplished multi-million dollar dealer reinstatements and damages in Federal anti-trust actions.
  • Probate litigation over a large family fortune, including claims of undue influence, lack of mental capacity, and attempted removal of a Personal Representative.
  • Achieved an unprecedented injunction against federal suspension of bank directors.
  • Obtained the first known due process-based injunction against enforcement of Florida mechanic’s lien law.
  • Won a landmark Final Summary Judgment exonerating a contractor from liability to third parties, once its work was accepted, and the owner had reasonable means to discover alleged defects in the contractor's work (Broward County).
  • Represented famed resort community in intensive multi-year dispute over development rights, community management and operations of luxury private club.
  • Secured the first ruling concerning a private right of action under the N.Y. Stock Exchange "Know Your Customer" rule.
  • Prosecuted bid litigation resulting in award of the State’s largest solid waste contract.
  • Achieved an accounting malpractice settlement in excess of $1 Million Dollars on behalf of Bank Trustees against a major international accounting firm.
  • Obtained a Specific Performance Order for a $4 Million Dollar house sale and retained clients' right to seek multi-million dollar damages (Sarasota).
  • Succeeded in obtaining summary judgment in defense of class representative in multi-year $600 Million Dollar commercial tort claim.
  • Won summary Judgment determining right to acquire site in four year litigation involving three purchasers, option rights and simultaneous closings.
  • Defended successfully multi-million dollar construction claim (Charlotte County).
  • Settled a $7 Million Dollar commercial mortgage foreclosure, without penalty or fee, enabling the client to complete pending sale and receive in excess of $1 Million Dollars.
  • Achieved commercial and agricultural exemptions from real estate taxes, as large as nearly $400 million.
  • Avoided production of confidential customer information required of other vendors in intensive Federal Court trademark infringement litigation.
  • Resolved $150 Million Dollar tax assessment and penalty claim for $25 Million Dollars.
  • Settled Multi-jurisdictional claims in Federal and State Courts settled for in excess of clients’ original total claim.
Corporate / Securities
SUMMARY: Corporate counsel to a myriad of businesses: involved in the full range of contractual and financing transactions, including institutional joint ventures, loan workouts, mergers and private placements.
  • Representative Transactions:
  • Special counsel in closing of $175 Million bank sale.
  • Representing public and private companies in private placement transactions of equity and debt.
  • Closings for two resource recovery projects in Broward County involving costs in excess of $800 million and consummating over five years of effort.
  • General Corporate Counsel to $500 Million Dollar community bank.
  • Closing a $30 million cash sale of a Dade County manufacturer, an "LBO" with national underwriters.
  • Sale of major Florida managed care centers and merger involving a regional contract medical group.
  • Corporate Counsel to $35 Million Dollar construction company (South Florida).
Public / Private Partnerships
  • Representative Projects:
  • Representation of numerous private contractors in entering into public/private partnerships.
  • Operator and contractor for Broward's $700 Million Dollar resource recovery plants.
  • Operator of multi-year telecommunications equipment and service at Miami International Airport.
  • Vendor for largest disposal contract in the United States.
  • Developer of Center City Apartment Project to spearhead Miami downtown redevelopment.
  • Developer of proposed $50 Million Dollar hotel/apartment project and redevelopment of County owned PGA golf courses.
  • Contractor of Homestead Motorsport and Race Track Complex.
Land Use / Environmental
SUMMARY: In land use and environmental matters: he has handled a wide range of local and regional issues, including zoning, permitting, vested rights, wetlands, landfills and air quality.
  • Representative Projects:
  • State DRI Approval of 2000 acre planned community of 6700 unit golf course resort and commercial development (Pasco County).
  • Counsel to residents and Club members of highly publicized luxury Island community concerning Covenants and land use (Miami-Dade County).
  • Approval of the tallest structure in Downtown Sarasota in a hotly contested matter (City of Sarasota).
  • Obtain first U.S. Corps of Engineers permit for a major project within wetlands located in the sensitive East Everglades Basin (Dade County).
  • Exemption from moratorium and extension of development rights for a 136 unit lakefront development (City of Doral).
  • Achieving numerous vested rights determinations, including for a 1,700-unit project in Lee County (Ft. Myers).
  • Amendment to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan upgrading designated use of property from Rural to Medium Density Residential (Marion County).
  • Environmental permitting hearings for $700 million Resource Recovery Facilities (Broward County).
  • Completing the largest annexation for a development of regional impact (Cooper City, Florida).
  • Obtain unanimous County Commission approval for rezoning, doubling the number of permitted units for the last parcel in a Planned Unit Development (Sarasota County).
  • Approval of major expansion of oceanfront hotel (Key Biscayne, Florida).
  • Achievement of unanimous approval of hotel zoning in prime residential area, overcoming intense, organized neighborhood opposition (Kendall; Dade County).
  • Grant of rezoning for major expansion of regional hospital (West Dade County).
  • Approval allowing redevelopment of luxury hotel property (North Miami Beach).
  • State/City settlement agreement for environmental violations at prior municipal dump site (Virginia Key).
  • Special Land Use counsel for major Brickell Avenue luxury high-rise (Miami).
  • Achieving Dade County approval of a proposed $50 Million dollar hotel/apartment project on County-owned PGA golf courses (Doral, FL).
  • Defeat of proposed Ordinance increasing Gulf set-back requirements (Long Boat Key).
  • Hurricane Andrew Debris Disposal Contract.
  • Representation of interests of PRPs in a major Florida landfill hazardous waste matter.
  • Successful defense of numerous environmental Notice of Violation proceedings (Dade and Broward Counties).
Governmental / Administrative (Non Environmental / Land Use)
SUMMARY: Governmental and administrative experience includes: over $1 Billion Dollars in contracts - - varying from telecom, professional services, debris disposal and retail procurements to schools, airport runways, race tracks, water/sewer construction, hospital expansion, highway improvements, major power plants and public/private developments. Successful services include numerous bid protests.
  • Representative Projects:
  • Representation of successful bidder in contested $100 million Miami International Airport runway project award.
  • Counsel to winning vendor for largest disposal contract in the United States in an RFP process (Sarasota County).
  • Winning RFP selection of the contractor/operator for Broward's $700 Million Dollar Resource Recovery Plants.
  • Representing the successful proposer for construction of Homestead's Motorsport (Grand Prix) and Race Track Complex.
  • Renegotiation of the highly publicized and intensely contested multi-year telecommunications equipment and service contract for Miami International Airport.
  • Negotiation of $125 Million reduction in property tax assessment risk exposure (Broward).
  • Successfully prosecuted a protest against recommended Port of Miami contract award of administrative trial, highly complex issues of constitutional law, following lengthy voluminous documents and 2000 pages of testimony.
  • Approval of Center City Apartment Project to spearhead Miami downtown redevelopment.
  • Led the successful defense of a bid protest to uphold a City telecommunications service award (Ft. Lauderdale).
  • Counsel to successful bidder for Sarasota County telecommunications network (Sarasota).
  • Successful defeat of proposed major construction landfill.
  • Prevailing in the intensely contested and noted award of the Hurricane Andrew Debris Removal Contract.
  • Successfully achieving reversal of development plans on behalf of residents and Club members of Fisher Island.
  • Representing a successful proposer for engineering/construction management of Dade's EPA Mandated County-wide sewer system.
  • Successful representation of sole winning vendor for a Miami International Airport Retail Program.
  • Successfully obtaining and upholding (in bid protest litigation) the award of the largest school construction award in Dade County history.
  • Served as legal counsel to Dade County concerning alternative structures for implementation of Miami International Airport Retail Facilities Master Plan.
  • Representing the successful proposer for the Metrorail Advertising Contract.
  • Analyzing County budget issues resulting in defeat of $60 Million Dollar annual proposed tax in Dade County.
  • Winning numerous bid protests: uphold recommended contract awards for Miami International Airport construction contracts; reverse Staff recommendations and to cause selection of a leading national firm as a County-approved bond underwriter; win a $9 Million Dollar a year County copying contract; defeating a protest regarding the County contaminated materials removal contract; prevailing in respect to Dade's General Aviation Airport Lighting.
  • Accomplishing approval of intensely debated hurricane wind impact standards in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.
  • Representing the winning bidder for Dade's investigative services.
  • Achieving Dade County approval of a proposed $50 Million dollar hotel/apartment project on County-owned PGA golf courses.
SUMMARY: Mr. Shapo has served as an arbitrator, mediator and counsel in a wide variety of matters, such as contract, lender liability and real estate issues.
  • Representative Areas & Cases:
  • Florida Certified Circuit Court Mediator.
  • Member of the Panel of Neutral Arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association.
  • Arbitrator of complex or sensitive commercial disputes, including an arbitration of tens of millions of dollars of contract adjustments involving protracted and complex issues between a private operator and 23 Massachusetts communities.
  • Successfully mediated settlement of years of litigation between high profile owners and the developer of one of Miami-Dade's famed high-end luxury condominium projects.
  • Obtaining a multi-million dollar "change order" arbitration award in a dispute between the contractor and local government.
  • Arbitrator in a multi-million dollar contract damage claim against the Puerto Rican Telephone Utility.